Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tag - my dresses

Hey guys so i started this tag my dresses i will show u all my dresses and i tag everyone to do this :D here goes :) x

Please comment if u like any

Lisa :)x

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Justin Biebers Perfume Girlfriend : review :)

Justin Biebers - Girlfriend - 38 euro 

 i recently got this perfume  Girlfriend it is a rather pleasant mildly sweet and slightly floral. When I first tested on my skin, I thought it smelled like a better version of Viva La Juicy  Girlfriend isn't as high fructose corn syrupy , cloying, or head ache induced like Viva la Juicy. They both smell similar to me with the exception that Girlfriend doesn't have any of the bad side effect of nausea headache vomit induce I get from Viva La Juicy. Girlfriend has a vanilla amber base that's very soothing especially for colder weather. It's also slightly spicy to give the scent a bit of sexy exotic taste. On me, it's very lasting for a good 8 hours. However, the projection isn't too far. So if you are looking for a perfume that stays close to the body like I do, you might like this one. If you are looking for something that projects across the room, you may not appreciate Girlfriend. I am just happy to find a perfume that's lasting sweet, youthful, non offensive and doesn't give me a head ache. I don't smell a bunch of chemicals in this fragrant like so many on the market. When Girlfriend dries down after a few hours, overall it lovely and im in love with the bottle and packaging but its a little bit expensive :) x