Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday Wishlist #5 :D

hey guys :) soz i havent does this for a while but defo trying to do it every week now on :D x

1.  2.           

3.       4.



1. Saffiya Fuchsia Spiked Suedette Wedge   €30.00 

2. NAILS IN JUNK YARD BY LOUISE GRAY      £6.50 topshop 

3.**INES CLUTCH BY MARC B £35.00 topshop 

4.Melvina Be Happy Vest Top €14.00 

5.Sinead Lightning Shaped Large Drop Earrings€7.00

                           Take care lisa :) x 


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Birmingham Haul :D - Clothes :)

hey guys :) this is a haul of the clothes  i bought in birmimgham :) please leave a comment if you hae any question :)
Floral Shorts - Forever 21 £8.99 waist 26 
floral dress cut out at side :) - £10 this dress is atually in a size 12 :p but the sizes in this shop are quite small 
Usa shorts ( love these :D )  £6.99 size 8 
love it top - new look £3
Hollister top :) - hollister (im not sure the price because my auntie got it for my birthday :)  )
Black plain hoodie :) - £10
Hollister Pink Hoodie :D - hollister £26
Love the duck :D :D 
Top from new forever 21 :D - 6.99

I ALSO got blue/ green jeans :D i think i have a pick on one of my blog post but not sure because there in the wash :/   and they were £12 :D 
                          Lisa :) xoxox

Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Chance To go To The OLYMPICS :D

Hey guys so sorry this post has took me soo long to do i went to the london 2012 olympic games this year and i was super excited going ! i went three days boxing sunday , boxing monday and triathlon tuesday :D i went espeially for katie taylor tuesday as shes irish :D but my uncle bought tickets as she was supposed to be fighting sunday but she got a bye because she was favour  to win it so my uncle got tickets for both days :D here a pictures of easc day :D

                                     Sunday ! 

me and my sister :)
boxing ring :) 
             Monday :)

with my sister at the exel arena :D
come on katie :D 
katie taylor world champion 4 times :D
great sportsmanship from natasha jonas ::) 

katie taylor olympic champion :D 
marty morrisey commentator :)

Tuesday ! :) 

triathlon :D
leader :D
Hyde Park great place and great athmpsphere :D
me enjoying the sun and the olympics :D 
hyde park again cermony :D 

                                               hope u liked this post and please leave a comment if you went to the olympics or seen katie taylor and i would love to see your post and picture :D x 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Youtube /BloggerS Made Me Buy it :)

hey guys so i saw this done by Facesbygrace23 on youtube and she tagged everyone so i said il give it a try :) so heres all my products and people thats influenced me to buy it :)

 the first product is the bourjois magic nail polish remover :) i saw this on zoella280390 youtube and blog page and i had to get it has i am very lazy taking of my nail polish :p

next it the Lasting Perfection Concelor by collection 2000 :) i am sorry but im not too sure who i saw using this but im definately sure that alot of people talked about this product and now i definately know why they did :) this product is the best ever and it just gives your face such a great look and not 1 bit cakey :D

next it the garnier simly essentials soothing toner :) i saw this on smokeyeyessurprise on youtube and i needed to get a new toner so i got this :) its is very good and theres no perfume  no alchol and no colourants :) 

another toner and this one is boots own brand glycerin and rosewater  toning and moisturising leannewoodful from youtube and is also a blogger done a review of this and when i heard rosewater i had to get this :) the smell is lovely and makes your face lovely and soft :)

Leannewoodful also talked about this in one of her videos and this is also from boots :) its is a grreat cleanser but sometimes it leaves a bit of my makeup behind but the toner does help :) x

i needed to get a good foundation and i saw anna saccone on about it in her youtube  videos and on her blog i gave it a go and i really like this foundatiion and i repurchased it :) i got it in shade light and it also had spf of 30 so i reallly like that especially in the summer :)

i heard alot of barry ms  nail polish and i had a chance to buy them in birmingham as i can not find them anywhere in ireland i was bit disssapointed as the shop i went to did not have much of a selection but this on spot my eye when i saw it (264 pink irldescent ) talks about these alot and please check her out as her blog is great :D


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Birmingham Haul - makeup & skincare :)

Hey guys sorry its taken me so long to upload this i have been really busy when i came home so this is my makeup haul and skincare haul i got from birmingham as i didnt really shop in London :)
Bourjois magic nail polish remover 1second £4.99
I have heard so much good reviews of this product so i had to get it as i couldnt find it any where in ireland it really does work but it definately takes longer than 1 second :P
Simple refreshing facial wash £1.49
i got this in bodycare in birmingham and love this shop as its so cheap :) this product is so nice on your face and after washing it of it makes your skin very soft

On the spot treatment £1.00
i also got this in body care and i put this on my spots at night it is very refreshing but sometimes it stings a little bit

Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealor shade 1 and 2 £3.99 each :)
I also can not get these at my local boots in ireland so decide to get these in birmingham :) i bought the shade 3 a while ago but it was too dark so decided to get 1 for under my eyes and 2 for my blemishes i have been using them non stop when i got them they are the best ever they cover every little blemish and last for a very long time i woul highly recommend any1 to get this product :D

Champneys nail polish - flamingo

I got this nail polish from my auntie and im in love with the colour flamingo its such a lovely summery colour and wearing at the momement :D
Nail paint Barry M - £2.99
I have heard so much about barry m nail polish so had to get 1 as you cannot get them in ireland and love this colour :)

Maybelline dream fresh bb cream £7.99
i decide to repurchase this product as my other one is gone and this product is very good :) i havent been using this recently as i also bought the 2000 collection concealor and its been sucha great product i dont need to where any foundation at the moment :)

Champneys gental facial polish 
i also got this as a present from my auntie and i love it an actually prefer this than the st ives scrub as this one is way more gental on my face than the st ives one :) 
Gosh blue eyeliner
             i actually bought this for only £2 but when i got home and opened it the pencil was broke :( i was so annoyed as i was looking foward using this :(

        MUA EXTREME masscara £2
i wanted to try mua products so i decided to buy the mascara the brush is extremeley big but the mascara is surprisingly really good for the price

            Witch naturally clear Blemish stick £1.35

            this was one of the products i was the most excited about as its around 4 or 5 euro in ireland i was a bit dissapointed with it as when i appl this to my blemishes it feels like its burning for a minute but after that its ok im not to sure if il try it for a bit longer or if i will stop using it or not

hope u like these products and pleas elet me know :)


Thursday, August 9, 2012


Hello my beautiful readers!I Apologize sososoosososooo much for not blogging for a while,I went to birmingham and london and i also went to the boxing to see katie taylor :D and today she won gold for ireland yepeee :D x  have a hugee haul for tomorrow! Maybe evven later!Thanks for sticking with me guys,I'll be back from now on in these HOT, LONG SUMMER DAYSS!!
Love y'all SO much!

                         tAKE care 

lisa :)