Saturday, September 1, 2012

August Favourites :D x

HeY guys go i decided i would do my august faves as i do have a good few this month and have been buying quite few things and also have a haul after :) x so il get straight into it :) also sorry if these pictures arnt great as my camera is very slow :( 

                 So...? In Love . Body Fragrance                               i got this in pennys for only 1.75 and im loving the packaging and smell as it just beauty and would defiantly  reccomend this :D 

            Batiste dry shampoo tropical  
I also got this in pennys for around 3 euro or less not to sure . this is great when your lazy to wash your hair or you got to go quickly and your hair is a mess hah :P i also think this is a great product to give your hair a boost and some volume :D x 

Boots Natural Collection Wild Strawberry Body Spray 

this is just a great product and smells amazing as i adore and love strawberrys :D  this was only 3 euro and i use this nearly every single day :) 

High Lights Technic 1.99 pound 

I actually got this when i was in birmingham but totally forgot to put it in my birmingham haul . i was very tempted to get the benifits one but when i saw this i said id give it ago as its very cheap and looks the exact same at the benifits one :) and this product definetly high lights where u apply this product :D 

Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealor shade 1 and 2 :)

I talked about this alot and its great :) but the worst is it does leek and the writng does rub of very quickly :( x

Kiss Care love lipbalm 

this is great lipbalm and smells georgeus and actually smell like hubble bubble gum :D :D x

I am also loving the essence colour and go nail polish as the colurs are amazing and i love the bottles :D and these are only 1.75 each :D

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