Thursday, September 27, 2012

makeup haul :)

hi guys so recently i have been shopping and i couldntresist  when i seen these produ ts there not many so this is going to be short enough :)hope u enjoy

Rimmel Scandal Show Off Mascara  6.euro
first of all i needed to get a mascara and this was on sale so i decided to get :)
i have not used this yet but  i love the packaging and the brush :D  and heard good things about this product .

NYC blushable creme stick 3 euro
i heard such a rave for this product and  i had to try it out :D as i was in a rush when i was buying this i idnt pick the best color so that was annoying but the product has a lovely creamy formula thats not to hard or soft but i would defo pick a nicer colour for me :) 

essence tint it 03 turn of crazy :)
It comes in a colourful squeezable tube containing 12ml of product. It cost around € 2.19.

When it comes out if the tube, it really is blue, but when applied to the lips, it looks just like a plain clear gloss. It then starts turning more and more pink. It's very glossy and the colour looks like a lip stain more than a normal coloured gloss. overal it is a nice gloss but i prefer there other ones :)

technic fruity lip gloss £1.99
i got this in birmingham and i love this brand already this lipgloss smells gorgeus and is lovely lipgloss on :) its great and thats its also very cheap and afordable  i would defo reccommend to buy thus if you can and its ver moisturising on your lips alsoo 

i hope u liked this small haul and please feel free to comment :::d 

lisa :)