Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Favourite Perfumes !

I'm someone who thinks that you should have one staple perfume in your collection that you wear on a regular basis so that can become one of your personal scents. Obviously on certain occasions I like to switch my perfumes up such as a deeper scent for night time . These are a few of my perfumes that I use on a regular basis. but i do have loads more :) i also like HEAT by beoynce but  im afraid its all gone :( 

So...? SinfulThis mysterious fragrance opens with a fresh, fruity accord. Fresh, succulent strawberries combine with juicy pineapple, while hints of bergamot and mint add a lift to the fragrance. its a great sent for day and night and specially for summer :D 

Westlife with love ! : I got this perfume at christmas and im using it every since it has a beutiful scent and is also spring /summer scent.The fragrance notes include top fruity floral notes of green, grapefruit, cassis, apricot with transparent floral heart notes of muguet, rose, jasmin, apple and dry basenotes of dry green, musks, blond woods and skin scent.

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