Monday, July 30, 2012

July Favorites :)

    hey guys :) so i decided i would do a July favorites as i do have quite alot :) so im gonna get straight into it and  i hope you like these products aswell :)

                                               Skin care and Hair care 

Nivea soft refreshingly soft , moisturising cream ! - boots / tesco 
I have had this product now for around 3months and i really love this cream :) its very refreshing and soft on your face and its lasting a very long time and i still have more than half of it left ! 

Hask argan oil - penny's 

This is such a great product for the price(2.75) i apply this to the ends of my hair and its gives it such a great shine and allive :) it also last a very long time as you do not need to use that much .

                                                                 Face Products ! 

NYC Volumizing Mascara Showtime waterproof - 
This is a great product and so cheap :) I adore the wand and love the effect it gives and love that its waterproof aswell , as my eyes do get very watery ! 

Essence Lash and Brow Gel Mascara - 

I mentioned this is some of my post before hand and it is a great product to have it  gives your brows a natural look and when you do not feel like wearing mascarait  gives your eyelashes  a bit of a boost :D and very affordable :) 

Maybelline New York cover stick -
I bought this product in may when my friend reccomended it :) i like this very much and does cover most of your blemishes but would like it to a bit better :) the stick is very good and last a long time but i do have my bad days with this product when it just feels like it doesn't want to cover my blemishes  haha :p but  overall i really like this product :) 

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream - 

This is my first BB cream i tried and i must say i really like it :) it gives a natural look aswell . it is a tad bit dark as i like light makeup but i do like this product very much :) 

Natural Collection Blushed cheek - Boots 

This blush in pink cloud is great as its not to bright and so natural for a nights out :) it very cheap as there only 3.04 all there products and stays for a few hours :) 

                                             Perfume, Brush And Lipgloss :) 

  Westlife Perfume With Love -
This is my fave perfume and  i have been using this alot recently the smell is so summery and great :) and it very cheap for a perfume only 11 euro :D 

Essence Blush Brush - pennys 

This brush is pink :D so soft and soo cheap only 3.49 :D its great for contouring and for blush :D its amazing for the price :) 

Apricot and Peach Flavored Lip Shine :D - H&M

My last product for my faves and a great product  this is im not sure how much it is :/ sorry but its a great shiny lips gloss and last for ages :D its a clear lipgloss and it very very nice :) and  i love the package its in :D x 


                                                Take Care ! 

                                                   LISA :D X 


  1. Such a lovely post: I like these beauty products so much!!
    What about following each other? Cosa mi metto???

  2. I use the Maybelline Dream BB Cream everyday and I really love it, its great!

    Anna xo