Friday, July 20, 2012

What do you want to see on my blog?!

I'm really hoping to get a good response from this post if you could help me out.

 I was hoping that you guys will be able to tell me what exactly you'd like to see on here? After all, I want to keep you happy, and wan't you to continue coming back and reading my blog and please subscribe cause i only have 1 :( . I've got a few posts lined up for later in the week, mainly product reviews. But I'd love to hear what you want.

Any ideas I will be very grateful for and will consider any suggestions! Just leave me a comment below....

Thank you,

                                                                   Take Care !
                                                                    LISA ! :)
                                                                    Please Subscribe :D 


  1. NOTD's as FOTD's! I like your blog by the way, I followed :)

  2. i will defiantly do them and more :) thank you hun <3 x

  3. I love watching other peoples outfits!!

  4. Ya same to see what style they have :D i will try to do more of them but i usually play alot of sports and that and only wear nice clothes when im going out or going to town :) x