Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Review - BOURJOIS PARIS guide de style :)

I recently recieved this from my sister when she got this from tenerife . I love wearing sparkly eye-shadow so i really like this :) I havent seen any1 do a review of this one before so i thought i would share it with you :) . i am not sure how much it is but im sure u can by this in boots :)  

So as you can see there are two  colours in this.  a  sparkly purple and brown :) . 
All of these eye shadows have shimmer in them which is something I like in eye shadows. They are all quite pigmented, . The eye shadows are also really soft so they blend nicely together. 
  you can also throw this in your handbag, because it's small,
An added bonus is that the packaging is so pretty! All of bourjois  products have this kind of pattern to them. Also there is the little mirror inside which is handy has a compact or to help apply the products.

Overall I really like this eyeshadow, it's so easy to wear and gives you some lovely colours to work with. It's great for wearing to school or college and can even be used for an eye look for a night out! I recommend trying out this product or something similar if you are able to find one. please leave a comment!

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